For many years now, E-Optics has catered its customers a clearer vision. E-Optics LLC is well recognized as a leading Optical shop for continuous expansion. E-optics offers a hassle free solution to customers who are looking for contact lenses, sunglasses and spectacles. We provide fast, convenient and great customer service for a great Optical shopping experience.


E-Optics is a quality Optical store which caters a clearer vision for its customers by providing high quality professional eye care services. E-Optics is also committed in selling optical products such as frames and sunglasses, contact lenses, solutions and other accessories for a great value.

As the frontrunner in the eye care industry, E-Optics is bound to provide the highest standard in eye care with the latest technology available. We are here to bring superior services and excellent products to meet the needs and demands of customers. As a company that truly cares, we understand customer's Optical needs and we constantly seek new solutions that work to achieve customer satisfaction.


Finest Clinical Eye Care Services

In E-Optics, we are following the standards in Europe and in North America. E-Optics operates with clinically trained and professionally licensed Optometrists who are qualified to perform non-invasive tests that can detect common eye conditions and make referrals to an Ophthalmologist for further intrusive tests and diagnosis.

Store Design Concept

We offer the latest European store design concept with up to date and wide range of optical collections. With our well-trained, friendly staff, we aim to give our valued customers a high quality of service with you feeling comfortable every time you visit us.

Fair Pricing Policy – Direct benefit to community residents

With the Groups buying power, our commitment is to offer customers quality products applying our fair pricing policy.


With more than 100 different ways in which to assess eyesight, our Optometrists are trained to select the tests most appropriate to the individual using the latest technology. 

We operate with a full time Optometrist for our specialized Optometry session, which will include Contact lens Optometry.

Our concept offers the widest range of eyewear including:

  • Sunglasses
  • Spectacles
  • Contact lenses and Solutions
  • Optical lenses and Accessories

We carefully select our quality range of eyewear, applying our fair pricing policy and like other world-class optical stores; we carry a wide range of optical brands, our house brands and exclusive brands.


Clinical Excellence

The eye examination is the cornerstone of the service we provide and our clinical Optometrists are among the best in the business. With the latest technology incorporated in the services we provide, we guarantee only the best result for your eye care.

Fair pricing policy

Our commitment is to offer customers quality products applying our fair pricing policy. We take pride in our commitment to value for money, top quality Optical care and customer satisfaction.

Contact lens Optometry

This includes the initial fitting and aftercare, which is an essential full assessment of corneal health that should be carried out by a qualified Contact Lens Optician usually every six months.

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