E-Optics is well recognized for giving our valued customers the highest quality of eye care services. We are capable to cater commendable service in the industry because of our up to date instruments and machine with our qualified Optometrists who are trusted for years by attending to your needs when it comes to performing eye test and examination.

Eye Testing

Regular eye tests are recommended by health care professionals to be done periodically by all people to assess vision for early detection for possible vision changes; it is performed by clinically trained Optometrists in E-Optics.

  • Routine eye test is being performed to get the patient’s visual acuity by our well trained licensed Optometrists. The customer will have a subjective refraction and trial frame refining will follow. After taking note for the final prescription, the frame selection and recommendation of ophthalmic lenses will be done. This procedure should be done to ensure that your eyes are well taken care of.
  • Contact lenses eye test – Our Optometrist will perform Visual Acuity test and do ocular assessment to check for any eye problems. Additional tests will be provided and trial frame refining in order to come up with the final prescription.

    We will provide trial lenses for fitting and assessment. Upon trying on lenses, practice applying and removing them with the assistance of our well trained eye care professionals.


We are taking it seriously when it comes to providing high quality prescription sunglasses and frames. That is why we are investing time and effort to keep up with the latest optical laboratory.

With our properly trained and well skilled optical technicians we guarantee to fix your sunglasses and frames with highest quality. When our customer orders, it will be transmitted to our laboratory, the fitting of the optical lenses follows. From lens grinding, cutting to finished, and custom fitted optical frames selected by the customer in variety of size and style. Also adjustment and repair of your eyewear are catered in our shop.

The service that we provide does not end when the customer leave our shop. It is a continuous effort on our part to provide quality service. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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